Discover How Our Nonmedical Services Can Help You

We have support groups and disabled transportation services in Laramie County, WY

Along with medical care, we also offer a variety of nonmedical care services. Blooming Lotus Inc. knows the importance of socialization and learning skills, so we offer support groups for the disabled. These groups allow disabled people to feel connected to others just like them in the Laramie County, WY area.

We also offer disabled transportation services catered specifically to the disabled. Rely on our disability advocates when you need care and support.

The benefits of joining a support group

The benefits of joining a support group

Do you ever feel like you just don't fit in? We've all been there. It's not uncommon for you to feel this way, and you may be surprised to find out that others in your area are struggling with the same things. Many support groups for the disabled will help you:

  • Feel empowered
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Connect with others

These are just a few of the many benefits of joining a support group. We even offer disabled transportation services to help you get to the support group's location. Contact us now to learn more about our nonmedical services.