My story


Let’s get to know each other first.

Hi! I’m Sonia. A registered nurse in Australia. On days that I’m not being a nurse, I like to write and paint the world with words. I’m a lover of health & anything uplifting.  I believe in dreaming big. Together with the right amount of hard work and some help from the universe, anything is possible.

With a deep desire to heal and inspire, I followed my hearts calling to create this blog. Here I’ll share my knowledge and personal life experiences in self-growth, daily wisdom, beauty, and maintaining balanced health of  the mind, body and soul.

The path that led me to here.

Being surrounded by pain and sickness in my family from a very young age, it’s no wonder I was drawn to health and healing. In the long process of trying to find myself and my purpose,  I studied my bachelor of Psychology & Nursing, followed by a post graduate in cosmetic nursing. Eventually I found my place back to mental health nursing, where I spent the last three years. During the time spent studying western health and treating the physical body, I realised a more holistic approach was needed to treat illness.  All illness appeared to manifest from an imbalance of the mind, body and spirit. Rather than treating symptoms, I become interested in finding the root causes. I then completed a Certificate in Holistic Counselling, and Level 2 Reiki and began practicing these natural therapy techniques.

It is also during this whole journey, that I learnt to change my path from fear to love and realised how our thoughts create our lives. As I changed my life and myself, I learnt we are capable of healing ourselves and creating the life we’ve always dreamt about.

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