Being a spiritual girl in a modern world.

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend. Can’t remember how it came up…but I was telling her how I like practicing spirituality such as meditation, as I like to look after all aspects of myself. To which she replied, “Oh! so you’re one of those hippies, that drink green juice and stopped shaving your underarms?”

Ehhh? What. Okay firstly I do like shaving my underarms, and well unfortunately I am not the biggest fan of green juice. Secondly I thought to myself, is this how being spiritual is defined?

Many of us have an idea that being spiritual means you must act a certain way. Eat certain foods. Avoid materialism and live, breathe and become spirituality…and shut yourself away from the modern world. Either picking one way of life or the other. Not both.

But you see, spirituality means different things to different people. Being spiritual doesn’t mean that you have to give up your life and move away to the mountains to live in solitude either, although some might.

For me being spiritual is more than a lifestyle. It is a part of who I am. What spirituality means to me is acknowledging that I have spirit, and nourishing it. Whether it’s in the form of a prayer, meditation, art or music. It’s practicing mindfulness and being in the moment, even if it’s while walking through the busy city streets to work. It’s about keeping an open mind, and practicing compassion rather than judgement. It’s about honouring my intuition, and relying less on intellect.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy dressing up and going to fancy places, I still enjoy all that. However I don’t get attached to these or define myself by it… And neither do I follow every new age fad, yoga sequence or healthy diet that comes out. I believe that spirituality runs deeper than that, and I believe that balance is the best way to stay spiritual in a modern world.

dancing in the sunset

Image source: istock.  Being a spiritual girl in a modern world. 2017 ©


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