8 Simple ways to keep your heart open.

When we feel hurt, angry, or fearful, we tend to close our hearts up. When our hearts are closed up, we block ourselves from giving and receiving the most important life force energy…love. Even if love came knocking at our door, we wouldn’t know how to recognise or receive it because we have closed our hearts up in pain or fear. When our hearts are closed, not only do we block love, but also we block ourselves from experiencing the joys of life. A blocked heart may show up in your relationships as difficulty opening up, difficulty forgiving or trusting others, withdrawing from relationships or fearing hurt and rejection.

There are many reasons why our hearts might feel closed or blocked, perhaps we’ve been hurt, criticised, betrayed or maybe we’re carrying around deep emotional wounds. Due to past hurt and pain, we may learn to become guarded, and wear armour around our hearts to protect it from getting hurt again. And believe me, I know how easy it is to do this. While it may even protect your heart from getting hurt, it also blocks the good energy from reaching your heart chakra. Which is why we have to learn to keep our hearts open and be receptive to love and life again.

Here are 8 simple things that you can do, to open your heart again and let love in. Sending lots of love and light to your hearts xx  💖✨

  1. Forgive.
    Forgiveness is one of the most difficult, but important things to do. When we haven’t forgiven someone, we carry around pain and resentment in our hearts, and resentment is a toxic emotion to keep carrying around. It does more damage to your self, than to others. Give forgiveness to others, because you deserve peace. Forgive those who have hurt you, and forgive yourself for any mistakes.
  2. Allow yourself to feel negative emotions.
    Growing up we have been taught to suppress negative emotions such as anger and grief. We may have been taught that being angry is bad, and crying is a sign of weakness. So we begin to internalise our emotions instead of expressing them, resulting in blockages. Find healthy and constructive ways to release you anger such as a boxing class. Allow yourself to cry when you need to.
  3. Do an activity that you enjoyed in your childhood.
    Our hearts are the most open when we are children. Children think more from their hearts than their minds, so it is a perfect place to go back to find what you love. Maybe you enjoyed writing, making music or sports? Now is a time to go back to the things you love, before we let our adult responsibilities take over our lives.
  4. Get creative.
    When we are create art, we think from our hearts rather than our minds. By practicing art, we strengthen our ability to think from our heart. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, it can be as simple as painting, drawing or even photography.
  5. Give love to others, and to your self.
    Love is the most powerful healing energy, and our hearts are from where love flows. No better way to keep your heart open than to practice self-love, and to give love to others in whether its in the form of compliments, gifts or support.
  6. Do something fun.
    When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it? Take out some time for yourself and do something you enjoy. Go on a hike, watch that movie or go plan that girl’s night.
  7. Let go of pain.
    Which past issues do you need to work through? What pain are you carrying around that you cant let go of? Do some journaling to find out. See a counsellor if needed to work through the issue, do the healing work necessary to let go of the pain and make room for new things to enter your life.
  8. Spend time with animals or children.
    Spending time with animals and children is very healing in itself. Children are better at living in the moment, and living from their hearts. Try to see the world through their playful eyes again. Spend more time with your pet dog, they’re great at giving love.

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