Letting change be the guide to your growth.

Change can be uncomfortable, and stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary. But in change there is growth, and in growth you realise your full potential. Let go of fear and let go of resistance.

As much we might want changes to happen in our lives, when it comes, change can be uncomfortable and scary. As much we might dream of changes happening in our lives, whether its getting a better job or building better relationships, we often have trouble letting go of what we have, and prevent ourselves from moving forward. We cling to our comfort zones out of fear. We want to feel safe, and when change comes we don’t feel safe anymore, because we don’t know what to expect or what that change will bring. We might even push and resist change when it comes, and thats when we end up feeling stuck in our lives. I know I’ve been guilty of this in the past!

Fear holds us in the same spot. It stunts our growth and holds us back from life, and by staying in the same spot we end up learning nothing new. While living in our comfort zones may give us a sense of security, it’s usually at the expense of settling and not living life at its fullest. We stay in a job that we are unhappy with, because we are scared that we might not find something better. Or we may even settle staying in unhealthy relationships, because we don’t know what else is out there. When new opportunities present themselves to us, we still cling onto the old unhealthy situations because thats what were used to. When we feel stuck, thats usually an indication that we need some form of change to happen in our life, but just don’t know how to move forward or we subconsciously stop ourselves from moving forward.

Sometimes when a change presents itself, it comes for your best interest. You might not see it immediately, but in time you will. Some time ago my mother was dismissed from her job in a factory. While she was the main source of income in the house, it put strain on the whole family. This change was very unwelcome and at the time we could not see any light from that situation. Fast forward a few years later, this change led my mother to enrol in a new course, change career and eventually find a higher paying job which was closer to home. A few years ago I was in a job which was not aligned with my life goals, and I struggled to go to work everyday. Just the thought of spending another 20-30 years in this job was enough to suck all the joy out of me. When the time came to renew my contract, I decided that I would no longer work there and left. While the safer option was to stay and have a regular income, I took the risk of being unemployed. I took a leap of faith, inviting change into my life. Luckily 3 months later I found a another job which was much more suited to me, and enabled me to learn much more about myself and my life goals.

I always use the analogy of a Caterpillar. 🐛 Without the courage of the caterpillar, it would never know its ability to change into a butterfly, or know the freedom of growing your own pair of wings to fly.

So when change comes, sometimes you just have to let go of resistance and go with the flow or maybe you have to take that leap of faith and trust that everything will work out for your highest good. You can still love the life you currently have, but also learn to let go of the old one when you need to, and trust that life will always work in your favour.

Here are some ways to embrace change and move forward in life, which I found helpful…Love Sonia, xox

Recognise when you feel stuck: As I wrote earlier, feeling stuck in your life usually means that something needs to change. Look deeper as to where you are feeling stuck in your life, and what changes would bring you joy.

Thinking positive: Thinking positive thoughts makes all the difference. Instead of thinking all the negative outcomes, try thinking of all the positive ones. Remember, your thoughts are powerful and they create your life.

Letting go of “what if’s”: It’s the ‘what if’ thoughts that keep you trapped, and only create more fear. When i get into these thoughts, I remind myself that no matter much I prepare myself, I cannot anticipate the future. Worrying or catastrophising will only make it worse.

Leap of faith: While it’s good to prepare and weigh up risks before making a move, sometimes you just got to have faith that everything will work out for the better.

No right or wrong decisions: Sometimes we put so much pressure on on making the right decision, that we end up staying immobilised and not make any decisions at all. Change your mindset to believe that there are no right or wrong decisions, and know that you will have learnt something valuable regardless of what decision you made.

Trust your intuition: While taking advice is good, there will be a lot of people out there telling you what you need to do in your life, at the end of the day you know yourself best. Only you are the one that’s walking in your shoes, and you know your situation the best. It took me ages to listen to my own voice over others. Trust and build on your intuition, so that you have a clearer idea of what you need to do, and what changes you need to make.



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