Why being different is better.

Growing up I always faced the challenge of not fitting in. I felt like a triangle among world full of circles. I tried and tried to change and hide my edges, but still I could never be that circle.

I was labelled as too quiet, too sensitive or too kind. Creativity and art was my happy place, something that came to me effortlessly. But I was told it wasn’t enough to become something in life, and I began to believe that, so I left it.

School was the worst. I would pretend to be a person that I wasn’t. To gain acceptance and be part of the crowd. And at that time, that’s all I wanted. I despised myself that I couldn’t be them. But I pretended, and that seemed to work for a long time.

The same pattern carried on into my career. I did what I thought would keep me accepted in the worlds eyes, instead of following my own path of who I was. I was in denial, and I had lost touch of my core self. I had lost myself.

Not that losing myself was a bad thing at all, because it led me on the path of self-acceptance and embracing my uniqueness.

I learnt to love all my edges. I realised I didn’t need to be the same as everyone to fit in.

Imagine if everyone was exactly the same? Where would that leave the world?

Each of us are born with our own unique talents and gifts to share to the world. By trying to be someone else, we are denying the world of our own uniqueness.  When I learned to accept myself, I found gifts in my differences. And talents, where I thought I lacked.

If you’re the same as everyone else how can you add anything new or different to the world? Some of the most successful pioneers in the world only became successful because they bought something new into the world. They dared to stand out. To make changes in the world, you need to be different, and not be afraid to think differently. It takes courage to go against the crowd and be yourself, in a culture that’s constantly telling you what you should be. When you learn to accept yourself as you are, you’ll be able to live more freely, and paint the world with more colours.

Never dull your spark just to fit in. Be different, be unique. And just by being you, you have already made an impact on the world.

Love Sonia, xox


“When you are born in a world you don’t fit in; it’s because you were born to create a new one”-unknown.


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