The secret to finding love.

It’s true when they say “you must love yourself first before you can be loved”. No matter how many times I heard this saying, I could never understand it.

It took me many years to understand the important concept behind that saying. I knew nothing about loving myself or what that was all about, I was on the endless search to find love. Growing up I was always preoccupied with the idea of finding my “true love” or “the one”. I centred my whole life around this belief.

Instead of looking inwards to find love, I looked for it in others.  This meant I only attracted people that didn’t know how to love me either, as you only attract what you are- Law of attraction! I was the one who stayed in friendships and relationships much longer than the expiry dates.

My eyes finally opened after my first few heart breaks & aches, and then somewhere along the way something magical happened.  I started learning to love myself. It felt strange at first, but day by day I got better at it.

When I started learning to love and accept myself fully, I didn’t need to look for love in anyone anymore. Why would I need to look for something I already had? I was too in love with myself and with life to worry about searching for it in someone else.  I started becoming a stronger person and my standards also went up, as I built up self-worth and what I really deserved.

And that’s when it all starting falling into place. I had found the treasure that I had been searching for my whole life. To find love you always start at yourself. When you start loving yourself, the rest of your life will fall into place. You will attract better quality friendships and more like-minded people, and people who love and respect you for who you are.  It will become easier to walk away from toxic relationships, and will help bring a loving partner into your life as you set the standard of what you want in your life. And that’s exactly the way it happened in my story. Love walked into my life when I had learnt to love myself.

So if you ask me, the secret to finding love is to love and accept yourself first. Love will come to you when you have learnt to complete yourself without depending on others, and when you are able to receive and give love equally. ❤️

Love Sonia, xox





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