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We offer a variety of disability services.

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We serve the disabled community in Cheyenne, WY

Searching for a local disability program in Laramie County, WY? You've come to the right place. Blooming Lotus Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the disabled community. Our vision statement is that we work "with, by and through the members of our community to increase Autism awareness, multiple disabilities, learning differences, improve training, and the efficiency of learning services by increasing mindfulness and ultimately provide support for all."

We provide assistance in all areas of life with both medical and nonmedical care. Turn to our disability advocates when you're in need.

Why choose us?

Our goal is simple: we want to help the disabled community in any way we can. Our mission statement is "inclusion, support, open-mindedness and working together to achieve awareness." To do so, we offer services made specifically for disabled people that don't require insurance. There aren't many nonprofits in the area that specifically focus on the disabled, and we want to be a resource you can rely on.

Our team has over five years of experience in disabled care, so you can rest assured we'll treat you with the care and attention you need. Call now to speak with one of our highly skilled team members about our local disability program.

Learn about our services

Learn about our services

There's nothing more important to us than helping disabled people live happy, healthy lives. We offer a variety of services that don't require insurance, including:

We're here to lend a helping hand when you need it most. Contact our disability advocates for support today.

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